Our values

Our values

1. Independent - yet deeply committed

Thise Mejeri is an independent cooperative dairy owned by organic farmers

We are based on an ideological desire to remain independent from the big companies. Accordingly, we are independent of vested interests, but deeply dependent on and committed to the desire to develop organic farming and produce delicious food on a sustainable basis.


2. Respect for the raw material

Milk will never be better than when it is in the cow’s udder

All processes, including milking, cooling, pumping and transportation, etc., can degrade the quality of the milk. So the quality of Thise’s dairy products is dependent on the gentle treatment of the milk from when the cow is milked to when the cartons are filled with the milk at the dairy.

Respect for the raw material is also the main reason why Thise Mejeri is an E-number-free zone, even though organic regulations permit the use of some stabilising agents, emulsifiers, etc.

3. Milk is not just milk

A Thise mantra that we have lived by since the late ’80s

Milk from different breeds of cattle tastes different and has different properties. That is why we have kept milk from Jersey cows separate from milk from Friesians, using the milk for different products. For instance, we use Jersey milk for our fermented products and “Friesian” milk for the production of Danbo cheese.

In addition, we work with the following “milks”: “Vesterhav” milk, “Thy” milk and milk sourced exclusively from a single farm –  Gyrup farm. Several types of special milk are in the pipeline. We have already launched Urmælk (primeval milk).


4. And it has to taste good, too

But if the products do not taste good, this would all be in vain – or almost

Thise Mejeri’s dairy products are organic, and the milk is gently treated throughout the food chain from farm to table. But if the products do not taste good, this would all be in vain – or almost. Thise’s products must not only leave a pleasant taste in your mouth because they are produced in a sustainable manner, but also – and perhaps especially – because they do actually taste nice.

5. Organic: Never done - always on the move

Thise Mejeri was founded almost at the same time as the Danish organic regulations were unveiled

Thise’s group of pioneers had been working with toxin-free farming for a number of years, and several of the farmers also contributed to the formulation of the first organic regulations. Rules and controls form the external framework, but the clear perception of Thise’s farmers is that we are concerned with a process where organic regulations should be continuously improved in line with the changing objectives and setting the bar higher.

Completely on their own initiative, and as the only ones to do so in the world, Thise’s farmers have phased out para-tuberculosis – a much-feared cattle disease that entails suffering for the cows and financial losses for the farmers. Similarly, Thise’s farmers have completed “stable schools” with the aim of improving the health of the herds and reducing antibiotic consumption. Thise’s farmers are currently in the process of implementing climate action plans, intended to help reduce carbon emissions from the individual farms.

All of these actions go beyond the organic regulations, but are fully in keeping with Thise’s ambition to always do better than good enough.

6. Thise - a dairy with passion

’Thise never sleeps’

Thise Mejeri is more than just a cooperative and a workplace. For most farmers and for most employees – perhaps for everyone – Thise Mejeri is something you become involved with, take responsibility for and develop a passionate relationship with.

“Thise never sleeps”, we once wrote on our milk cartons, and “Thise never gives up” has been our battle cry during periods whenever the dairy has faced serious challenges. A strong sense of unity around the dairy goes hand-in-hand with joy and pride in being part of the Thise community.


7. Strong partnerships

We have developed strong and committed partnerships over the years

In order to be able to reach out to the consumer, Thise has developed strong and committed partnerships over the years with its customers and suppliers at home and abroad.

The trade agreement with Irma and with COOP was signed back in 1995, and the relationship has evolved over the years from being a customer–supplier relationship to what it is today, i.e. more of an actual partnership.

Similarly, Thise Mejeri has developed strong relationships with other customers in Denmark and in nearby export markets, and we have built strong trade relationships with packaging suppliers and suppliers of lactic acid cultures, rennet and organic fruit for our yoghurt and skyr.


8. Trust means commitment

Consumer confidence has to be earned

In the same way, we dream of being able to develop strong and committed relationships with our customers who choose Thise’s products every day. Our ambition is for Thise Mejeri to be a professional, credible supplier of organic dairy produce to Danish consumers.

Consumer confidence has to be earned; this is perhaps the most important daily challenge for the farmers and for all of us who work at the dairy.

So we work around the clock to produce and develop delicious dairy produce on a sustainable basis. And we will continue to do so, as Thise never gives up!