Thise never gives up

Uncompromising organic quality

It seems almost unbelievable today, but when Thise Mejeri was founded in 1988, no one dared invest in organic farming – no politicians, no shops and no dairy companies

And yet, seven naive eco-idealists sat down around a dining table late one night in north-western Jutland, and decided, together with a dairy manager from a small village dairy, to start Thise Mejeri.

For those eight around the table, it came down to two things: independence and organics. That they, as masters of their own house, could finally fulfil their dream of running an organic farm and producing organic dairy products of the finest quality. Even though Denmark might not be ready for it.


An unshakable pioneering spirit

Thise Mejeri did not get off to the flying start the eight pioneers had hoped for. But despite the initial problems selling their milk, they battled on. Even though initially it did not make financial sense, they refused to throw in the towel. Despite the fact that their friends working in conventional farming were making more money at that time, they stuck with it. Because Thise Mejeri never gives up.

Today, Thise Mejeri is Denmark’s second-largest dairy. Still owned by those who produce the milk – the cooperative members – still independent, and still organic. The unshakable pioneering spirit lives on, and the innovative thinking and willingness to do what others dare not do remains unchanged. And that’s exactly how it will stay.