Organic danish dairy

Uncompromising organic quality

Thise dairy is located in the Northwestern part of Denmark. Its situated in the small village Thise that consists of about 100 houses, a church, a community center, a school and a grocery shop.

And of course Thise Dairy. A whitewashed building with the gable facing the main street, behind which the modern production facilities are situated.

Meet our farmers

We believe in organic farming. Each and every one of us. We are passionate about it, work with it and develop through it.

Our products

At Thise, you can taste the roar of the North Sea, the wind in the grass and the twitching ears of the cows.

From cheese to butter, from skyr to cream: You’re bound to find a delicious organic favourite in our wide range.


Our values

It came down to two things: independence and organics. That they, as masters of their own house, could finally fulfil their dream of running an organic farm and producing organic dairy products of the finest quality

The story of Thise Mejeri

It is the story of some singularly stubborn milk producers from north and central Jutland who clung on to a dream of providing organic milk and dairy produce to consumers
– despite overwhelming opposition in the early years